Metin is an award winning advertising photographer with global prestige. Metin has 30 years’ experience as a brand specialist, focusing on professional commercial photography in the following areas:

· Weddings · Health & Nutrition Industry · Commercial Advertising
· Corporate Financial Sector · Fashion, Portraits · Interiors
· Food and Drink · Children & Babies · Architecture Photography
· Conference Events · Travel Hotel Photography · Event Photography


With a global presence, Metin is determined, creative, and result-oriented individual, with a reputation for producing, high quality branded imagery. Metin possesses impressive knowledge in defining themes, styles and concepts for photography and graphic design, undertaking and art directing photography, at all levels of high volume post-production editing.

Acclaimed Art Director Metin, has been celebrated worldwide for his distinctive work in poster art publications since the early 90’s. Metin now specialises in wedding photography, and is famed for his unique reportage style and high end portraiture across Europe.

Metin’s intimate wedding portraiture style, utilising a contemporary treatment of light, and an innovative approach to composition, have brought him international acclaim.

Metin and his creative team deliver a delectable combination of wedding photojournalism, and creative portraiture, to create exquisite memories that you can cherish forever.

I think everybody is interesting, and the most interesting of all are the differences between people. Meaningful shots are precious, subtlety is powerful, and you are beautiful just as you are.”

When your wedding day is over, there are two main things that you take home; each other, and your photos. In those photos, Metin brings you back to those intimate moments; the laughter, the tears of joy, and those special glances. Metin is committed to bringing back ‘the feeling’ of the most important day of your life.

Through gentle direction, guidance, and a gift for anticipation and timing, Metin will ensure that on the most important day of your life, you will look your absolute best.

Metin’s passion for photographing weddings comes from a combination of the things he loves: fascinating characters, meaningful relationships, emotional stories, and the collection and preservation of the most special moments of our lives.

I am passionate about capturing your day from an authentic point of view, producing images that are not only creative, but are a true reflection of who you are. I love photographing people in love. My growing appreciation for different cultures, and the subtle brevity of human emotion, is echoed in my work. I am especially captivated by the sentiments of the bride and groom on their wedding day, which I capture candidly and without intrusion.

 I’m an old romantic with a keen eye for detail, so specialising in weddings was a natural choice for me. I’ve witnessed so much love, shared so much joy, and I have been fortunate enough to capture those precious memories forever. I would be honoured to do the same for you. You are not simply hiring a photographer; you are commissioning an artist to document your most important day with style and integrity. Most of all, I believe my work speaks for itself.”




Creative Storytelling Through Fine Art, Portraiture & Photojournalism


Stories move you. Engage you. Encourage you to laugh, cry and love. A wedding is not an isolated set of individual photographs. It’s a story. A celebration of two people in love, shared with family and friends.”

Metin’s reportage photography style allows the scenes and people to speak for themselves. His gift for catching real moments as they unfold, without the need for excess over styling is what has made Metin, one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Europe.

I know what to expect and how to handle the things you can’t plan for.”

Metin an award winning, internationally published photographer, but still enjoys the grass roots element of the job. He says that despite the prestige, the best part of the job is to hear how thrilled couples are with their finished photos.

Fusing luxury fine art, contemporary reportage photography (a documentary approach to capturing your wedding with discretion), with a helping of fashion inspired creative portraiture, Metin creates images that embody the spirit of your day and the heart and soul of those that you have chosen to share it with.

Metin is committed to telling the story of each wedding – preserving genuine, precious and fleeting moments from a journalistic perspective, so that you receive a narrative of your day.

I love being with people who are in love. There’s magic there which charges you with excitement, energy and creativity. You feed off each other. It’s amazing to experience.”

Metin creates a unique story – a piece of art – that the couple will fall in love with. A wedding is not a simply a repetition of another, thus there are no set poses and no set routines. He offers in-the-moment creativity shared between the photographer and the wedding party that is entirely unique.

Weddings are fantastic fun, and unique events that deserve to be captured wholly, with nothing excluded. Traditionally photographers capture around eight hours of the day, but Metin consistently works from 14 to 16 hours so that none of your special day is missed. There are no time limits and no extra costs. Many of the most beautiful moments happen outside the normal eight hour window and he is committed to capturing them for you.

Meeting Metin

Metin deeply understands that a good relationship with the wedding party is key to gaining particularly special photographs. Here is what he has to say about his personal, and personable involvement in the wedding day.

Your Happiness Is Paramount

Creating an authentic story that invokes joy is the most humbling and rewarding experience. It is one of the reasons I do not limit coverage time to eight hours. I always feel extremely honoured that I have been asked to document a couple’s special day.

The Little Things

Whether they are high-end or hand-made, I love the details of the day, and I always make sure that I pepper them into the storyboards. Couples put an enormous effort into their weddings, and I do the same in documenting them.

Genuine Care

I’ll help whenever I can, and will go out of my way to ensure you’re happy. The service remains the same post wedding also. A rule I live by, is treat people as you wish to be treated.

Fresh Approach

I’m not the average wedding photographer. I don’t take the same routine shots that most do. I strive to be different, to offer fresh, unique and artistically engaging photography.


I love people. I like to find out what makes them tick, and to see them smile. To encourage guests to them to relax around the camera, I engage with wedding guests warmly. This helps them to be open, which is absolutely invaluable to your wedding story.

Efficiency Is Key

I understand the value in prompt communication, and I also appreciate that your time is exceedingly valuable. This is why your storyboard will be online after two weeks, and the full gallery will be available in three weeks.

Naturally Creative

As a child I lived in my imagination, always drawing and doodling. My professional career before full time photography was in the creative design industry, contracted by art publishers from around the world.

Problem Solver

Multiple cameras, backups and equipment, along with the ability to work around restrictions, such as rain and bad light, means that no matter the seeming limitation, the photographs are always of the highest calibre.

Fine Art

While part of a greater story, each photograph is treated as it’s own piece of art. The elements of composition, framing, contrast, perspective, and layers, are intuitively considered. Food for the soul.


There is great skill in telling the entire story in a single photograph. I take a journalistic approach to weddings, saving those moments that make the heart sing.

Naturally Unfolding

Every wedding is entirely unique. I endeavor to capture that uniqueness as it naturally unfolds. No staged poses or smiles, only the preservation of genuine moments.

It’s About Love

Weddings celebrate the love between two people, their family and friends. That’s where the true beauty is, and that cannot be staged or faked.

Instinctive Approach

I never attempt to apply a set formula to a wedding. Each is approached openly, instinctively and in the moment.

Metin’s Wedding Photography will help you to create images that your friends will envy, and your parents will be proud of. Something that will put a smile on your face and bring an occasional tear to your eye. Metin’s Images stand the test of time, so you can look through and cherish the photographs for the years to come.



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